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            Welcome visit TianKang Plastic Company Limited!! 24h Sales telphone:+86-13803183152Chinese | English

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            TianKang Plastic Company Limited

            ADD:No. 37 the huang he road shenzhou city hebei province China



            MOB:+86-13803187059? +86-13803183152


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             Hebei Tiankang plastic products Co., Ltd. is an independent legal personality of the private enterprises, company is located in Shenzhen City Industrial Park, established in 2006. Covers an area of 17000 square meters, built a modern plant and matched with the advanced production line and the top of the injection molding, blow molding equipment, a total investment of 1000 million. 98 employees, including professional and technical personnel 26 people, with offices, production technology department, QC department, finance department, marketing department, the workshop, the realization of the modernization of enterprise management.
            Companies in strict accordance with the relevant national standards for production, products cover 1L to 50L injection molding and blow molding barrels and plastic containers, etc., but also according to customer's drawing, sample customization, according to special customer requirements and design philosophy of production, can provide mold design and manufacture. [Click here read more]